My name is Janice L. Sugden, I was born and raised in England.
           I actually never liked pekes. Ever since my Auntie Cissie's
peke tried to bite me when I leaned over to kiss her.  Ugly
thing, it had big bulgy eyes, just like Aunties. They would
have won a look alike contest hands down, the peke was even
iron grey just like her hair.  I was only 6 or 7 years old and
didn't know any better. So for years I wouldn't even consider
looking at one, never mind owning one.
 I liked BIG dogs like
labs (we had three yellow labs).
           My love affair with pekes began in December 1994
when my newly dumped better half asked me to babysit 'his'
new puppy for the Christmas holidays. This tiny cream coloured
scrap became very ill (I know now that she was only 5 weeks old
and barely weaned) with pneumonia and by Christmas Eve was
almost dead, she was too sick to take back to the vets so I
braved 40 below weather and two foot high snowdrifts across
the highway (we lived in Bruce County Ontario then) to get a
different antibiotic. It was miraculous how she bounced back,
pretty soon she was able to stand alone and stay out of the
kangaroo pouch in my nightie that I was carrying her around in.
Needless to say, when ex hubby came to collect her 3 weeks
later, after never calling once to see how she was, I refused to let
her go and she became MY dog.This is my Princess Poppy. She
rules the roost over everyone. Here she is on the shelf of my
china cabinet, she climbed up there from a chair I had left in
the middle of the kitchen floor.
                 Then I got smart,(or so I thought) and contacted
what I thought was a reputable breeder in the USA and purchased
Emperor Tzu'Ti Tang.   On arrival here in Canada, it quickly
became apparent, in additon to the dreadful stench emanating
from him, that my new baby was not only pet quality but also
came from a "Puppy Mill"    I contacted the breeder immediately
and she said to return him.  How could I do this to an innocent dog??????
 So I have another wonderful pet peke ggggg.
 Isn'the gorgeous???????
                 Pansy came next, a beautiful parti peke,  she
developed a very bad bite so was spayed and went to be Jack's
"little cutie pie" I really miss her, but a four year old is really
hard to resist.
                 Update, Update, Jack is now 5 and came to
visit with Pansy (Now Brandy) He left with a totally enthralled
Tzu'Ti (who never looked back once), mom, Leanne, was hoping
to have a dog sleep on her bed but both Pansy and Tzu'Ti
sleep with Jack.  LOL.
                     Here is Akarana Priscilla the day of her arrival
      in B.C. and a picture of  her  winning her (and my)- first
      group 4th.

                        Sire   Am/Can Ch Knolland Red Rover
                        Dam Glendair Primross of Dorodea

                 Tragically, shortly after her group 4th win ,
my beloved Pricilla died from choking on a chicken bone.
The Bichons dug under the fence to get to a bag of garbage.
 Priscilla just had to have her share.
I was away showing Chun and she held on till I came home
and died in my arms on the way to the vets..
I had her ashes placed in an urn which is on top of the
computer hutch.  I also now never leave my dogs loose
when I go out, they are in 2 x 4 foot day pens.
It was a bitter lesson to learn.
Cilla has companions now, our dwarf, Little P-M0, 1 1/2 lbs, at
the tender age of 6 months has joined her in doggy heaven
he is in a very tiny ginger jar next to her and her cherubs.
Our beloved Emma (Cilla's grandaughter) passed on
May 13 2002 with a massive asthma attack following her
booster. Sadly her new owners' vet gave her a rabies shot at the same time.
she is in a lovely jar also.
They have been joined by our beloved Ch Red aged just over 2.
 He also became seriously ill following his booster shot. The cause of
death is unclear but accidental poisoning leading to total sytemic shutdowns
was the conclusion reached.
I never give shots now without benadryl prior to and Thuja 30c immediately following
and Thuja for at least 7 days after followed by 7 days of Sulphur 30c.

                 Here is Ch Terribrooke Chantilly Lace.
Lacey gained her championship May 12, 2000 at Tyee K.C.
She finally kept her coat on long enough to finish.
Do I looksmug or what LOL
           Sire Ch St Aubrey Talk About of Elsdon
  Dam St Aubrey Minosa of Elsdon
           I started showing here on Vancouver Island in
May 1998 with my daughter Jennifer.  We have had a
wonderful time and have met some really helpful people
at the shows.  As we were complete novices, we made
some really silly mistakes, including  starting out our
show careers with two almost bald dogs. (Not really,
they were just not in full bloom)  We didn't even know
how to groom our girls properly.

Here is PagodaPalace Princess one of our new arrivals
she already has 9 points towards her Canadian Championship.
     Sire Ch Briobar's Bumble Bee
   Dam Kinikan of PagodaPalace

      Last but not least here is  Ch Polian My T Mite at Littletown
grandaughter to my beloved Priscilla,       Emma gained her
championship May 14, 2000 at Tyee Kennel Club
with a Best of Breed

                    Sire  Ch Terribrooke Tasca Palaceoutlaw
                       Dam Siulong Sherazzmatazzezme
        Tragically, Emma has also crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
       Her ashes will be placed with her Grandams.


I hope you have enjoyed your visit with all of us here at Littletown. 
We would like to thank our many friends and breeder/exhibitors
both at the shows and online for their patience with this novice and
who have been more than happy to share their vast store of <>
       knowlege and expertise on the grooming, feeding, showing    
   and just plain loving of this most wonderful of breeds<>





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